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Alexandru N., Romania
Aegialis Hotel, from Amorgos Island, is one of the best places for a vacation in Greece. I’ve spend here a few unforgettable days in October 2012, together wi...

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Aegialis Hotel & Spa
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Aegialis Hotel & Spa offers top of the range aircrafts by working with IFLY, a company specializing in VIP Air Transfer. Our shared philosophy: To provide our clients with the most luxurious aircraft with a quality service and a level of professionalism that is second to none. Ifly's aircraft are supported by a team of highly experienced pilots, qualified ground personnel and state-of-the-art maintenance facilities that guarantee an unparalleled way of travel. Ifly's fleet features a strong design, focuses on safety, comfort and spaciousness.Aegialis Hotel & Spa offers you to experience convenience, speed, safety and luxury by choosing either the Agusta A109 Power Elite, Bell 430 or Agusta A109A II.

Agusta A109 Power Elite
Due to its Italian origin, it combines robust construction with elegance both on the outside as well as the interior. Besides its modern streamlined built, the A109 cabin offers a spacious and rich environment with leather seats, mini bar, AC and is soundproofed against outside noise. 
Capacity: 6 PAX; Max Cruising Speed: 130NM; Autonomy: 2H50 Min (+ 20 min. fuel reserves).

BELL 430

It is a four-bladed, twin-engined, nine-seat helicopter, a high-speed corporate and executive helicopter capable of high speeds addition to its uncompromising design, Bell 430 is one of the most powerful commercial helicopters and is characterized by many technological advantages. It is the only commercial helicopter with a floating emergency device and a wire protection system in Greece.
Capacity: 8 PAX; Max Cruising Speed: 130NM; Autonomy: 2H10 Min (+ 20 min. fuel reserves).

Agusta A109A II

It is a streamlined, luxurious, high performance twin helicopter, one of the most successful in its class during the course of its history. It has a conventional configuration with a classic, four-blade articulated rotor, especially designed for fast travelling.It offers an ideal VIP environment.
Capacity: 7 PAX; Max Cruising Speed: 130NM

LGAV : Eleftherios Venizelos Airpot
SEF : Stadium of Peace and Friendship at Pireus
LGMK : Mykonos Airport

Agusta A109 Power Elite:  MAX: 6 Pax

LGAV - AMORGOS (FLT TIME 60 min) -  4 100 euros
SEF - AMORGOS (FLT TIME 1hour 10 min) -  4 350 euros

Bell 430:  MAX: 8 Pax
LGAV - AMORGOS (FLT TIME 60 min) -  5 150 euros
SEF - AMORGOS (FLT TIME 1hour 10 min) -  5 550 euros 

Agusta A109A II:  MAX: 7 Pax
LGMK - AMORGOS (FLT TIME 22 min) -  1 800 euros

* All rates include taxes and are final.
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