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IJReillys, Sweden
Great service, gorgeous hotel. Amargos itself is an incredible destination. My girlfriend and I travelled here in order to relax after a hectic period, and we g...

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Aegialis Hotel & Spa
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Bain Prestige 

This natural bath with seaweeds extracts, rich in trace elements, promotes the proper function of the lymph and  helps to the cellulite resistance and the tonification. Its pearly green colour, its discret and relaxing fragrance make the moment of slimming a real pleasure.
Duration: 25'

Ocean Bain Oligomer
A pure supplement of purified sea water, rich in minerals and trace elements is recommended for the real rebuilding of the body shape and the shoothening of the tonifies and calms the skin thanks to the strength in trace elements (104 trace elements exist in the sea water and the human body). This original thalassotherapy in a'' friendly'' for the human body  temperature, transfers all the benefits of the sea water by refreshing the tired body.
Duration: 25'

Bain d’algues laminaires

Rich in vitamins , amino acids, hormones and trace elements, regulates the metabolism as far as its good operation and lipolysis concerned.
Duration: 25' 


Bain Prestige. Duration: 25΄ - Price: 30€
Ocean Bain Oligomer. Duration: 25΄ - Price: 30€ 
Bain d’algues laminaires. Duration: 25΄ - Price: 30€
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