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Alexandru N., Romania
Aegialis Hotel, from Amorgos Island, is one of the best places for a vacation in Greece. I’ve spend here a few unforgettable days in October 2012, together wi...

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Aegialis Hotel & Spa
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Oriental Massage

It's a massage therapy inspired by the south east asia with aromatic pouches immersed into a spicy cocktail and a perfumed oil.a unique relaxing experience that makes your body smooth and glowing.
Duration: 50’ 

Swedish Deep Tissue
A deeply relaxing massage for the back and the has been created for very active aims to relief the spots where fatigue and stress have been accumulated. Deep pressures combined with essential oil lead to the absolute relaxation and wellness.
Duration: 30’ 

Swedish whole body
A deeply relaxing massage starting up from the head down to the relaxes the muscles that are in tension because of the stress, it increases the blood and lymph circulation and releases the toxins from muscles.
Duration: 60’ 

Hot stone therapy
The hot stones massage is a relaxing massage which contains the use of hot solves the muscles tension, decharges from stress and helps to the detoxication of the body, relieves from pain, improves the blood circulation and leads to the peace of mind.
Duration: 50’ 

Face and scalp massage

it's a refreshing massage for the face and the scalp, with special tensions that relieve and eliminate the sings of fatigue.your face finds again its essential glowing.
Duration: 20’ 

Foot massage
Escape from stress and relax through a beneficial massage for the feet and legs.the foot massage is part of the holistic massage and it is recommended to everybody in order to find mental and physical balance and wellness.enjoy a short break after a tiring day.
Duration: 20’ 

Lemon and bitter Orange oil massage

Escape from stress with the power of essential oils of lemon and bitter orange that leave your body fresh and discreetly flavoured.
Duration: 50'

Orange and Cedar oil massage

Indulge in the delicious aroma of orange and cedar flowers for a unique relaxing experience.
Duration: 50'

Vanilla and Sandal Wood oil massage
Wrap your body with the warm notes of vanilla and sandal wood and enjoy a trip to escape.

Duration: 50' 


Oriental Massage. Duration: 50’ - Price: 65€
Swedish Deep Tissue. Duration: 30’ - Price: 45€
Swedish whole body. Duration: 60’ - Price: 75€
Hot stone therapy. Duration: 50’ - Price: 55€
Face and scalp massage. Duration: 20’ - Price: 30€
Foot massage. Duration: 20’ - Price: 25€


Lemon and bitter orange. Duration: 50’ - Price: 65€
Orange and cedar. Duration: 50’ - Price: 65€
Vanilla and Cendal wood. Duration: 50’ - Price: 65€
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